Assembly-process competence

Over 10 years



Over 10 years of assembly-process expertise

As an industry supplier, in particular to the automotive sector, the assembly of upstream-supplier components, and their completion with self-adhesive components manufactured by us here at SCHARNAU, is an essential competence in the process chain.

This relieves the customer of the responsibility for the individual bonding process, especially when several different applications are involved. SCHARNAU integrates the process into universal machines and assembly stations, ensuring optimal assembly processes at all times.

Assembly-process competence video

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Process step


Unique selling point

Customer relations


Assistance for the
specification of the adhesive tape for the customer’s component

Application experience:
Technical performance
Assembly process

Assistance with development includes:
Adhesive-tape components, components’
assembly process



Prefabrication of parts and components for modular systems

Delivered ready for further processing:
Process-optimized for automation and/or manual workstations

Process optimization

Optimization of bonding process

Application optimization:
Liner gripping ability
Fully automated application process

Long-term business relationships
Win-Win solutions for manufacturers, logistics companies, suppliers, customers


Component and module assembly

Over 30 years of competence in adhesive-tape processing

Over 10 years
of assembly-process expertise

in Werneuchen, Germany,
with partners in the region as well as in Poland and the Czech Republic

Quality management

Certified according to
IATF 16949
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Over 30 years of competence in adhesive-tape processing

Over 10 years
of assembly-process expertise

Quality for
Zero-defect production
Proof of series-production capability