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Profit from our experience and competence



Profit from our experience and competence

Adhesion technology is the key technology of the 21st century. Nearly every industry and trade today relies on this innovative bonding technology.

Adhesive tapes represent a special area of bonding technology.
From woven adhesive tape as commercial merchandise to customized products including component assembly, we offer industrial customers a very wide range of adhesive-tape solutions and products.

The application possibilities are almost infinite: gluing, concealing, sealing, shielding, deflecting, fastening, holding, sliding, insulating, joining, packaging, bundling, anchoring, marking, labeling, splicing, closing, protecting both surfaces and people with an anti-slip function.
As a result of our 60 years’ experience in adhesive tapes, there’s almost no application we’ve not already prepared and delivered to our customers. As an industrial company, you can benefit from our expertise to find the right adhesive-tape solution for your jobs and applications.
We offer numerous solutions and products for a wide range of customers: from small master craftsmen operations to large industry-scale businesses Regardless of the sector. Depending on the quantity and type of solution or product, you will receive your delivery directly from our Werneuchen plant.

SCHARNAU adhesive-tape solutions:

the very highest quality
the very highest quality
» sustainable – consistent – reliable
SCHARNAU has decades of practical experience and competence with countless adhesive products and applications. We’re always thinking and acting one step ahead

As Matthias Schach, managing partner, emphasizes: “Whether it’s the specification, production, process optimization, component or module assembly, or quality management, one thing remains the same: Our customers receive optimal support and individual solutions for their bonding requirements,” explains Matthias Schach, managing partner.

Process step


Unique selling point

Unique selling point
Customer relations


Assistance for the
specification of the adhesive tape for the customer’s component

Application experience:
Technical performance
Assembly process

Assistance with development includes:
Adhesive-tape components, components’
assembly process



Prefabrication of parts and components for modular systems

Delivered ready for further processing: Delivered ready for further processing:
Process-optimized for automation and/or manual workstations

Process optimization

Optimization of bonding process

Application optimization:
Liner gripping ability
Fully automated
application process

Long-term business relationships
Win-Win solutions for manufacturers, logistics companies, suppliers, customers


Component and module assembly

Over 30 years of competence in adhesive-tape processing

Over 10 years of assembly-process expertise

in Werneuchen, Germany,
with partners in the region as well as in Poland and the Czech Republic

Quality management

Certified according to
IATF 16949
ISO 9001 ISO 14001

Over 30 years of competence in adhesive-tape processing

Over 10 years of assembly-process expertise

Quality for
Zero-defect production
Proof of series-production capability

Process competence video

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