Nitto 5790 Double Coated Foam Tape

Structure: 1. acrylic adhesive, 2. polyolefine foam, 3. acrylic adhesive, 4. release liner

General description

Nitto 5790 series are double coated foam tapes, based on a cross linked polyolefine foam, coated with pressure sensitive adhesive, having excellent bonding properties, especially on low energy surfaces. Available in different thicknesses.


  • excellent holding properties
  • excellent repulsion resistance
  • good shock absorbance
  • adhesion on a wide range of materials (especially on polyolefine)
  • absorb irregularities of the substrate
  • sound dampening and sealing properties
  • RoHS compliant


Nitto 5790 series are designed for bonding metal sheets, nameplates, emblems, glass parts and a wide range of plastics to several substrates.These products can be used for interior and exterior applications.


FunktionalitätDoppelseitige Klebebänder
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